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Merchant Processing - To conduct business online, you need to be able to receive payment for products/services. There are several types of companies, that could provide for receiving payments: Third-Party eWallets, Hyper eWallets(PayPal), Credit Card Merchant Processors, Crypto Currency. We have API integrations with each of these.

That said, if you have never run an online business, you will probably fall for some 'Gotcha's in this area. In fact, all of them have 'Gotchas,' but true Credit Card Merchant Processors are where you should focus. While we have integrations to various payment methods, using a true Credit Card Merchant Processor lends to your credibility, satisfies the widest population of purchasers and is extensively integrated. Call us to discuss your desires or questions 1-888-221-0106.

Listing a few Payment Methods, of over 200 integrated, along with comments:

Hyper Wallets - While we will list the following, as Hyper Wallets, none fall perfectly into singular classifications.  One of the greatest challenges with these payment methods is the user having an account with that provider, loaded with funds, or attached to a Bank/CC that can load and complete a payment.  As the sales transaction is via a Wallet type model first, and requires alternative paymends to be setup by the user, disruption in a sales process, or a delay in an order's Paid Status can result.
Some offere methods to import a CSV file to distribute payment to your Sales Reps.
   Payza - Hyper Wallet (Accepts Bitcoins)
   Paypal - Hyper Wallet  (Not suitable for MLM... be sure to disclose and be fully reviewed)
   Payoneer - Hyper Wallet
   iPayout - Hyper Wallet
*More important, and often overlooked, is the Policy of the processor, towards your Product or Business Model.

Traditional Merchant Processing - Generally streamlined use by entering Credit Card Billing Info during checkout, on your site.  This streamlined use is most favorable for large-scale online shopping.  That said, the Processing Bank's Underwriters often scrutinize the risk of a Company's Business Model.  Guess what... MLM companies are considered High Risk... for a number of reasons. 

One of the easiest reasons to understand is this. Your company does $100k in sales this month. Let's say you pay out 30% in Retail Bonus and another 20% in Upline, Downline, Overrides, or other Bonus/Commissions. 

You have $50k Net and you also had the Cost of Goods, possibly $20k needed to pay for the next shipment of inventory, to replace those sales.  So, out of $100k you have $30k in hand... rent, employees, phone lines, etc...

If the Merchant Processing Bank has Chargebacks, where is the money going to come from? 
If you pay out in Commissions and Cost of Good, what is the RISK/Chance that you company does not manage funds well, and customer service well?
What is the RISK/Chance that withdrawals from you Bank Account to cover Chargebacks results in NSF? 
Because a substantial part of your sales are designed to be paid out to Sales Reps, the RISK of a shortfall is High. 
...Swallow deep, you are an MLM and you are High Risk. This will effect your CC Fees and possible Hold-Backs/Rolling Reserves. 

Call it Affiliate, Direct Selling, Single Level, Multi Level... please stop... my head hurts! You are conducting sales, through a Sales Team, and providing some trackable commission to the said Sales Rep or Upline.... MLM and you are High Risk.

Once you swallow deep, understand and accept it... know that it is Business and you can prove yourself over time.
Most important, disclose your business model up front, so you are not surprised by a closed Merchant Account while IN business.
   PayFlow - Merchant Processor of Paypal (Not suitable for MLM... be sure to disclose and be fully reviewed)
   eWay - Merchant Processor & Wallet (We have had a lot of Successful Clients in UK and AU using eWay)
   First Data - Merchant Processor (Not a fan of them) - Gateway & Merchant Processor (The most versatile)
*With as a Gateway, you can locate and negotiate a Merchant Processor to connect to the Gateway.  From there, your'e in business!
**We have lot's of API integrations.. these are the most requested and viable.


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Features of MLM Software may vary, based on the Version or your Budget. That said, if your budget dictates your decisions, you could handicap your business. Common MLM Platform features to consider include Public eCommerce Integration, Product Commissionable Values, Public Content Management, Distributor Corporate Resource or Training Area Management, Reports, Newsletters, Order Management, Autoships, Distributor and Customer Management, Genealogies, Commission Calculations, Payment Gateways and Inventory Management.

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