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Shipping - We offer API integrations for many Shippers/Services. Finding the Shipping Service or method that is right for you may take time. Live Rates from a Shipper or Tier Rates based on how much is in the cart, or weight, or some other metric? You handle shipping from your own Garage, Warehouse, or use a Third-Party Warehouse and Fulfillemnt center... having their own API. We can help in each of these areas, or as you grow through each phase.

Self Managed Garage - Everyone starts somewhere, and that 'somewhere' is often a Garage!  No problem.  We love being part of growing success stories, especially those that begin in the Garage!  Ok, so you have shelves of products, some BIN Numbers, a stack of Folded Boxes, Stuffing/Peanuts, Tape, a Table, Scale, Computer, Printer.  We know it well!  Our Self Managed platform allows you to pull All orders PAID and Not Yet Shipped, click to pull PDF of Packing Slips, PDF of Invoices, or a Merged PDF with a Master Pick List then Packing Slip and Invoices paired together, repeating. 
  1.) Search Paid and Not Yet Shipped, Open PDF, press PRINT.
  2.) Walk over to your printer and pickup the pages that come out.
  3.) With the Master Pick List... list of All Items, take your home-made shopping cart to your Product Shelves/Bins and put the items in hte cart.
  4.) Now at your Table, fold Boxes for each Packing Slip, Drop in the Products and Invoice.
  5.) Fold the Packing Slip for the Clear Plastic pouch on the outside of the Box.
  6.) Put Box on Shipper's Scale and enter Dimensions/Weight in your Shipper(USPS/FedEX/UPS) Portal, Print Label and put on Box
  7.) Repeat for each box and stack boxes for them to Pickup, unless you Drive them to the Shipper
  8.) Print from the Shipper's Portal the report of Labels and Tracking IDs (often is an Export in CSV format as well)
  9.) After Shipper Picks up, or you deliver to Shipper, import the CSV to our system and we update the record as Shipped with Tracking ID
  10.) Take the rest of the day off!  Not really, but you've shipped for the day!!!

Self Managed Warehouse - Similar to above, but often the company places BIN Numbers on the Product or Product Attribute Combination.  Sometimes Barcodes are Used.  Some Warehouses also use their own Inventory system that does the order from Shipper, Prints Label and creates CSV to import into us.

Fulfillment Centers - Ok, here is where it get's cool.  We have some fulfillment centers that use a dedicated login to our system, Barcode items going into a box, even Barcode the Tracking ID, while connected to our system, updating the items as Shipped with Tracking ID instantly.
Not all Fulfillment Centers do that. Many have their own systems and use an API connection to our system.  They pull down orders needing to be Shipped and Post back up their Ship Status and Tracking ID.  All without you lifting a Finger!

Shipping Management Software - Mentioned above, you may have Self Managed Garage or Self Managed Warehouse.  In either phase of your business, you can use the internal Pack Slips and Invoices, OR use Third Party Systems that are pretty Awesome!  APIs allow pretty good integration and work flow.  A few preferred Shipping Management Softwares will be listed here.  Let us know of your special request.  If we don't already have it, we will certainly consider it's API.
  1.) Ship Works - A great Desktop Software that pulls down recent orders, prints Invoices, Packing Slips, Orders Postage and reports Back to our System with Tracking ID.
  2.) Shipping Easy - A great Web-Based system, with many options to merge packages and more.
  3.) Ship Station - A great Web-Based system, with many options to merge packages and more.

Live Shipping Quotes at Checkout - Several Shippers offer Live Quotes at Checkout via an API. FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.  Keep in mind that you must have Dimensions and Weights on all your products, and still need to fudge them to get as close to accurate as possible.  A shipper may see many items on an order... based on dimensions and weight, deem it will fit in a 12x12 box that happens to have a preferred ship rate.  But, when you pack the box, it fits in a 12x14 box. As you can imagine, the postage will be different from what the user spent.  Or, perhaps you are out of 3 items and it ships in a 9x9 because of back order. Then next week, you ship another 9x9.
Don't expect a Live Ship Rate to be dollar for dollar what your ship costs will be.

Tiered Ship Rates - A very common method for setting and quoting shipping at checkout.  Many will have ship rates from 0 to $20, $20.01 to $40, $40.01 to $50, then $50 and over Free.  We can also set Tiered ship rates by Country or by Unit Item.  A Unit Item would be Boots.  1-2 Pair of Boots pay $x.xx, 3-5 Pair of Boots pay $x.xx, etc.

Custom Rates - These rates override Global and Tier rates. Often used in Parties, some companies will have a fixed rate in a Party if a Customer Order ships to the Customer, another Fixed rate if they Bulk Ship to the Host or Consultant, etc.  Some will have another fixed rate for Hosts, themselves.

MLM Software Features

Features of MLM Software may vary, based on the Version or your Budget. That said, if your budget dictates your decisions, you could handicap your business. Common MLM Platform features to consider include Public eCommerce Integration, Product Commissionable Values, Public Content Management, Distributor Corporate Resource or Training Area Management, Reports, Newsletters, Order Management, Autoships, Distributor and Customer Management, Genealogies, Commission Calculations, Payment Gateways and Inventory Management.

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