MLM Consultant

Business Opportunity or Scam? Your business could be walking a fine line! Leverage more than 20 years of Corporate and Startup Consulting experience and establish your business along the correct path. Direct Selling, Party Plan, MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate, MultiLevel Marketing, or Traditional business, your fundamental needs are simple... Vision, Image, Branding, Products, Print and Collateral Materials, People, Trainers, Leaders, Culture, Events, Momentum, and Capital.

So... Where do YOU Start?

You start by hiring an experienced industry consultant. For example, the MLM Industry is packed with thousands of so-called MLM Consultants, depositing your check and vanishing. Mostly, their claim to fame is a supposed xThousands of people in downline with a previous company. Seriously, if the xThousands of people were real, or real buyers of product, they wouldn't be trying to pitch consulting to you. These guys have ZERO idea of how to design a comp plan, structure a company, or guide you through the nuances of launching a REAL MLM or Direct Selling Business.


  • Before engaging an MLM Consultant, take time to meet the Consultant, in person.
  • Determine their availability on an hourly, daily, weekly and basis.
  • Offer to cover Time and Travel Expenses for the Consultant to come to YOUR Offices. It is often cheaper for Consultant to come to you, then for you, your partners, leaders, IT person, branding guy, etc. to fly to the Consultant. When a Consultant comes to you, it allows you to schedule and put all your key people in a room, to get direct answers and instructions, straight from the horse's mouth. It means your entire team will be on the same page, in every area, from structure to branding, compensation plan to marketing.
  • Request the cell phone number and willingness to take after hours calls.
  • Examine their appearance and conversation... ignoring the sales fluff or smoke and mirrors.
  • Get to the heart of your needs, allowing the Consultant to offer indicates of their knowledge, talent and experience.
  • Sign an NDA, as provided by the Consultant. It is generally a 2-way NDA and has been reviewed many times. No need to try and pen your own, only to show your lack of experience. Furthermore, his NDA is specific to the industry.
  • Request a contractual agreement that fully identifies expectations, fees, expenses, duration, and specific items or subjects the Consultant will provide within the time frame.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for testimonials that you can call, on your own, to get Honest feedback. On this point, keep in mind that these testimonial handouts are kept close to the vest. No one wants every John Doe calling their valued clients, only to spend hours on the phone asking green-horn questions. When you become a client, will you be willing to receive x calls a week as a testimonial? Probably not. Be considerate of asking, and of any communications you may be blessed to have.


Full Service Consulting

Providing Consulting to the MLM and Direct Selling Industry for over 25 years.

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MLM Software

MLM Software is a Global term, for systems that run MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan Companies

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Key Features

Public Site, eCommerce, Replication, Commission Engine, Back Offices, Party Management

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Both internal and third party applications that are hand-picked to promote expansion & growth

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MLM Marketing

Built-In Marketing Tools for your Company and Distributors designed to Drive Sales & ROI!

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Comp Plans

MLM Compensation Plans establish the motivation and atmosphere if your Sales Team

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MLM Software, Comp Plans, Biz Plans, Marketing, Product R & D - Over 25yrs of Service