Field Development

So you have Product, a Comp Plan, MLM Software... you're even selling product on the site... but where do your Sales Reps come from? Moreover, how do you Develop/Train them, to ethically represent your company's brand, products and vision? How do you train them in a manner that is replicatable and sustainable?

OH! That's right... you have an Industry Leader/Heavy Hitter that has offered to build your team. When you realize that you've become an Industry Statistic... in the Negative Sense... as yourself, "How'd that work for you?"

Companies often have Big Dreams, and an even BIGGER Imagination of the numbers of folks that will want to Sell their Products!  How do you do it? How do you implement a marketing plan, attract, train and nurture them into Sales Reps?

WARNING: As a company launches, Consultant-Impostors and Leader-Impostors will circle your business like Vultures.  They are after any initial hit/payment they can get out of you, while framing themselves as an expert. "I put 100k people in the last 2 companies, let me do that for you!" "I have 50k people in a downline, right now, in another company! Imagine if I told all of them I was leaving that company for yours, that you offered a better marketing program and all of them came over! You would be an instant success!" "Oh, wait, we need to make some adjustments in the compensation plan, give me a top postion, comp in my top 500 distributors, pay travel expense for me and my top 100 to visit your offices, etc etc etc..."

Listen, 99.9999999% of those are liars, not true. If, by some happenstance, one actually has a large downline somewhere, they can not and will not move them to your company. CALL US AND ASK WHY WE SAY THAT 1-888-221-0106.

Inspetta can help you, for REAL. We develop compensation and marketing plans. We can provide head-hunting and training. We can provide training program for the field, while nurturing those that are engaged in selling, towards leadership roles.


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